Independent Weimaraner Rescue & Re-Homing Service

"Do you have a place in your heart?"

Adoption information


There are several reasons why any Weimaraner needs to be re-housed.

  • Change of personal circumstances - ranging from can't be bothered anymore to divorce or the baby's on the way Inability to adequately exercise the dog - as a result he is probably climbing the walls!!
  • The dog has been left too long on his own - result no house-training & possibly destructiveness
  • The present owner was given no advice as to the needs of the breed
  • The dog has bitten - I.W.R.R.S. NEVER places a dog which has bitten

What does a rescue dog need from you?

First of all he needs your time and commitment. There is no such thing as a ready-made dog. If you think about it logically, the very best behaved dog would never need re-housed! If you work full-time, it is unlikely that a Rescue dog will be placed with you. The aim of Weimaraner Rescue is that this will be the last move this dog will ever make so placing him in the same situation he has just left would be counter-productive. If you have young children, a Weimaraner who has not grown up with young children will not be placed with you. He will not be accustomed to sudden movements and high-pitched voices so he may be wary.

Where do you start?

First you should contact one of the Area Officers closest to you Rescue Contacts or email: giving your name, address and telephone number. Your details will then be forwarded to the appropriate Officer. You will receive a Home Checking Form and information leaflet. This form gives Rescue an idea of your personal circumstances which will enable us to find the most suitable dog. You will be visited by one of the Officers or approved Helpers.

What is he like?

The previous owners will have completed a Dog Assessment Form and he will have been visited in his original home. You will be told everything about the dog except the name & address of the owner. You will not have a choice of dogs nor will the dog be placed on 'approval'. This causes the dog to become confused and disoriented. If you do want to choose your Rescue dog, it would be preferable to go to one of the many dog rescue kennels.

When will you have him?

You will be required to complete an Adoption Form. Please be aware that no breeding is allowed with a Rescue Dog. (If you want a bitch and she is not already neutered, you will be required to see to this). You will not receive any KC Registration papers or pedigree. You will be required to allow a home visit and, should the dog ever need re-housed, he MUST be returned to Weimaraner Rescue. You will also be required to have third-party insurance.

How long will it take?

How long is a piece of string? It is less common for bitches to come through Rescue, so you 'may' have a wait. The aim is that the most suitable dog is placed in the most suitable home. That can be a few days to several weeks.