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Weimaraner Tails by Cindy Heys.

Especially written and published for IWRRS.

This book is guaranteed to make you cry with laughter, especially when you realise that these are indeed true stories!

And some of them are a little bit naughty too……

(thank you Cindy)

£6.75 (inc P&P)


“Can't Pull - Won't Pull”

“Can't Pull Won't Pull” is very popular and easy to follow giving advice on various techniques to stop a dog pulling on the lead.

£5.75 (inc P&P)


“Who said it would be easy”

“Who said it would be easy” covers off important aspects of taking on a rescue    dog, training issues, how to introduce your rescue dog to other pets and so on.


£5.75 (inc P&P)


Gillian Burgoin book

Guide to the Weimaraner by Gillian Burgoin. 

An excellent read.


Price: £18.00 (inc P&P)

Out of Stock


Patsy Hollings book

The Essential Weimaraner by Patsy Hollings. This book is a must for all weimaraner owners.

An excellent read.


Price: £18.50 (inc P&P)


In Confidence

A Collection of Poems by Helen Dearden.

This book, kindly donated to rescue by the author contains some wonderful poems.

(thank you Helen)


Price: £4.75 (inc P&P)


I’m Nobody’s Dog

Can I be your Dog?

by Joyce Stranger.

This book explains how to cope with your rehomed dog


Price: £1.50(inc P&P)


Robson Green - Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning – signed autobiography of Robson Green, patron to IWRRS.


Price: £8.50(inc P&P)


Second Chance

Second Chance by Judy & Larry Elsden.

All about living with a rescued dog.


Price: £6.50(inc P&P)