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Welcome Weimaraner Rescue.


The Independent Weimaraner Rescue & Re-Homing Service - Charity No. SC024308 (registered working title ‘Weimaraner Rescue’) is a service offered to any Weimaraner owner who requires that their grey dog is re-homed.

As the Kennel Club Standard for the breed states that Blue is not an acceptable colour for the breed, then we, as a rescue organisation for the breed cannot, therefore, accept blue so-called Weimaraners for re-homing despite the fact that the Kennel Club are registering them as Weimaraners against their own Standard.

IWRRS is independent from all other animal welfare groups as well as any political or beneficial influence of Weimaraner Breed Clubs. It is this very independence which enables Area Officers to perform their duties in a professional manner, without fear or favour, for the lasting benefit of the animal.

Public Awareness of the breed.

The balance between media attention of any particular breed which has an automatic and immediate effect on the popularity of the breed is particularly difficult to achieve. While media attention to the plight of certain dogs can act beneficially, commercial advertisements bring the breed to public attention. What was once a rare breed, the Weimaraner has become almost a fashion accessory mainly due to its elegant lines and unique colour which can complement the idea of any product. Whether the product or the dog is remembered is impossible to assess. However, the fact remains that telephone inquiries re puppy ownership increase by some 73% immediately following the launch of a new advertising campaign featuring the breed. As puppy inquiries escalate, it is in the certain knowledge that some 12 - 18 months later, inquiries to re-house ‘problem’ dogs will proportionately increase. While responsible, knowledgeable breeders generally have fewer litters, puppy farmers cannot resist the continuing rise in puppy prices. Advice that ‘every bitch must have at least one litter’ is still being offered even by some of the most eminent professions. This contradicts advice given to potential puppy owners. It has long been recognised that all potential puppy owners should see the mother with her puppies. This is a laudable maxim to follow However, in reality, few people ever receive further advice as to how to assess that particular mother as to her temperament and, therefore, the temperament her puppies might inherit.


Reasons for re-homing.

No doubt, the ever-present reason for any Weimaraner to be re-housed is that a baby is expected or some young children are in the household and, as a consequence, there is very little time for the dog. Fears of injury to the child, mainly irrational, cause an emotional and physical distancing between dog and owners until the decision to part with the dog is finally made. Unquestionably, the dog has already suffered from too little exercise, both mental and/or physical. This has resulted in frustration, hyper-activity within the confines of the home and, often, separation anxiety brought on by being confined in a smaller area away from the owners. Within the owner’s mind, it is acceptable to justify this decision as being better for the dog. However, it is apparent that the dog is already damaged and will require rehabilitation in a different home.


Training & its effects on family life.

The Weimaraner is a dominant breed. Dominance and aggression are not identical, BUT dominance can become aggression if not channeled. Dominance in the breed is an extreme form of self-confidence: a confidence in its position within the pack and the relative positions of all other members. That pack is also inhabited by humans. The instinct to lead the pack is very strong. Leadership demands respect. Confusion during training, inconsistencies in instruction, aggressive play within the family and inappropriate punishment/reward all lead the Weimaraner to assume the role of leader. Advice on initial training and re-establishing the proper hierarchy must remain an integral part of the service.

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